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Samuel Hahnemann
Samuel Hahnemann


Homeopathy is a science of dynamised micro-immunology based on the law of  Analogy. It is the system of medicine which works on the principle of like Cures Like’(SimiliaSimilibusCuranter). This system of therapeutics is internationally accepted and is being practiced in India through Homeopathy Central Council Act 1973 Passed by the parliament of India.

This System of holistic healing was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German  Physician .After his personal experience & experiment  with Cinchona bark & malarial fever Dr. Hahnemann Profoundly experimented. The theory behind the working of Homeopathy is that the body  of every human being contains a vital force within the body which regulates the functioning of the body. Due to reasons such as heredity, environmental conditions ,stress etc, this vital force  Weakness & Cause  disease is nothing but a complex of certain symptoms observed in the human body . Homeopathic  Medicines  are given in a very low dosage. The process of making such low dilution is called as Potentisation’ While the medicines may contains so less of the substance that it cannot be detected in a lab, it has been proved that these medicines are highly effective . The finding of proving of Homeopathic Medicine on healthy individuals are contained in a book – “Materia Medica “. Homeopathic doctors rely on the materialmedica as the authority for it contains not empty theories, but details of symptoms  which were experienced by hundreds of provers.  It is  thus a system based on sound principles and as a result  of solid experiments . Homeopathy is the best way to cure both acute and chronic diseases from slightest of fever ,cough cold to Asthama, Skin Diseases & Cancers; all these are not only curable but the cure is mild (Without  side effects)and permanent.

           Homeopathy can be defined as a System of Drug –Therapeutics based on the Law of Similars. This Law states  that a drug ,capable of producing in a healthy person a diseased –state exactly similar to that observed in a diseased person, acts as a curative agent if the disease is in a curable stage. In the incurable stage of the disease , however, the same drug acts as the best palliative. Homeopathy has logically evolved as an experimental science according to the method of inductive reasoning in which exact observation ,Correct  interpretation , retinal explanation and Scientific construction play a leading role.

The successful application of the law of similar depends entirely on the concepts of Individulization and Susceptible  constitutions which from the cornerstone of Homeopathic  practice . The concept of Individulization takes  into consideration the total response of the organism to the unfavourable environment .This total response is seen through Signs and Symptoms on three planes   :  Emotional , Intellectual (Spiritual) and Physical where the Life Force manifests  itself .While assessing this total response the Homeopathic  physician givens fundamental importance to the causative factors and to the peculiar characteristics of the aliment, especially the mental aspects. The concept  of Susceptible Constitution is reflected in Hahnemann’s Therory  of Chronic Diseases which takes  into consideration the hereditary influence and predispositions that play an important role an the genesis of illness.

Homeopathic therapeutics ,therefore affords unlimited possibilities of influencing favourably the mental processes and mitigating the adverse influences of the hereditary predisposition to illness, thereby leading  to a better adaption of the patient to his environment. It represent ,thus the practice of Constitutional Medicine at its best reigns supreme in the field of Psychiatry and Psycho –Somatic Medicine.

        The signs and symptoms reveal to the Homeopathic physician not only the disturbed economy within ,which we term disease ,but also the curative agent which  will set right the disturbed economy. The Homeopathic   physician, therefore ,rightly frowns on all attempts which lead to suppression of the  Manifestations of a disease and regards  them as dangerous. He is thus able to detect the earliest beginning of disease  when structural changes have not to any extent  yet occurred in the cells and can plan  definitive curative treatment at a stage when  diagnosis is impossible. In no other System of Therapeutics can such treatment be administered till diagnosis is established. We can emphatically claim this as a distinct feature peculiar to Homeopathy.

                   Homeopathic treatment  dose  not interfere with the process of immunity in the body;

 On the contrary ,all available evidence shows  that recovery from infections result from the stimulation of natural defence  mechanisms and the conservation  of bodily energy .No wonder ,then, that quick, uneventful  convalescence  with an absence of replaces and debility highlights the recovery that always ensues when the similimum is administered in good time.

             Homeopathic treatment ,carefully planned and applied right from te time of conception and through the early formative years, claims to free the child of pernicious hereditary influences that tend to sap the energy and prepare for the development of various types of  constitutional  disorders in later life. It has also been advocated in the prevention of  infectious disease .Lack of adequate facilities  all these years ,however, has come in the way of properly controlled studies  in this field ,such studies being essential  before any measure of prophylaxis could find universal acceptance.

Homeopathy has naturally evolved its own exacting methodology of Case Taking , of preparing drugs ,of eliciting the effects of drugs, of selecting the remedy  according to the Low of Similars ,of rule governing its administration and of observing minutely the various effects so produced on the diseased. These  effects which are considered under ` Remedy  Reaction’ enable the Homeopathic physician not only to Prognosticate fairly accurately but also to regulate further treatment.  All this knowledge has been gained through  Pure Experience ‘and not through mere` reasoning’

              Homeopathy has no quarrels with other methods of treatment provided  they help and not hinder the natural  forces of recovery .It welcomes surgical measures when directed towords the removal  of mechanical impediments to cure or of the morbid end-products of  disease when they interfere with recovery .Use of replacement therapy ,being perfectly logical ,Stands accepted in Homeopathy .Acute Poisoning fall outside the scope of Homeopathy as they cannot be considered strictly as diseases .Under exceptional circumstance, as in  waterhouse  Friderchsen Syndrome ,the scientifically  trained rational Homeopathic physician accepts the use of additional measures to tide over the crisis and thus save a life which otherwise is doomed.

                Homeopathy therefore ,is a system of scientific ,constitutional drug –therapeutics with wide potentialities ,giving full scope to the prescriber’s artistic abilities.