Instruments & Equipments

List of Instruments

S No.Name of ArticleQuantity
1Iron beds (Simple, Surgical & Pediatrics)25
2Stretcher with trolley5
4B.P. Instrument5
5Urine pots, male and female15
6Bed pans E.I.10
7Tongue depressor (Disposable)Sufficient
8Suction Machine2
9Suction tubeSufficient
10Artery forceps, small and big10 each
11Back rest2
12Oxygen cylinder with stand5
13Dressing drums (big)3
14Diagnostic set (ENT)6
15Infra-red lamp1
16Chair trolly with wheels2
18Weighing Machine3

Other Hospital Equipments

S. No.Item NameQuantity
1Auto Clave Vertical - 35 Lit1 Pcs
2Auto Clave Vertical - 90 Lit1 Pcs
3Bed - Semi Fowler10 Pcs
4Semi Fowler Bed Colour Reguler20 Pcs
5Bed - Iron25 Pcs
6Bed ( Palang Size - 6x3)20 Pcs
7B. P. Dial Imported10 Pcs
8Bed Side Locker with S.S.Top4 Pcs
9Berrom Forhead Thermometer5 Pcs
10Blood Gluco Moniter5 Pcs
11Blood Gluco Strips 50`S3 Pcs
12Blood Lancets Steel5 Pcs
13Cold Forging Sprayer 4.5 ltrs1 Unit
14D. B. P. Moniter Sc -2082 Pcs
15Diam BPMR - 112 MERC Reguler2 Pcs
16Diam BPMR152 MERC Reg. Stan2 Pcs
17Digital Tharmometer New tm10 Pcs
18Examination Table1 Pcs
19Food Trolly SS Pipe2 Pcs
20File Cebinate4 Pcs
21Hot Water Bottle Classic5 Pcs
22Gas Pipe Line / Hardware Materialas bill
23Gas Pipe Line / Hardware Materialas bill
24Gas Pipe Line / Hardware Materialas bill
25Gas Pipe Line / Hardware Materialas bill
26Gas Pipe Line / Hardware Materialas bill
27Gas Pipe Line / Hardware Materialas bill
28Bed Sheet with Pellow Cover200 Pcs
29Kidney Tray 8"10 Pcs
30Kidney Tray 10"10 Pcs
31Loto Box3 Pcs
32Air Conditioner5 Pcs
33E.C.G. Machine 3 Channal1 Pcs
34E.C.G. Machine 3 Channal4 Pcs
35Electronics Materialas bill
36Electronics Materialas bill
37Electronics Materialas bill
38Electronics Materialas bill
39Electronics Materialas bill
40Electronics Materialas bill
41Electronics Materialas bill
42Electronics Materialas bill
43Dehumidifier1 Pcs
44Dehumidifier1 Pcs
45Semi Fowler Foam Mattress20 Pcs
46Mattress10 Pcs
47Medical Tray / Cover SS 8"10 Pcs
48Medical Tray / Cover SS 10"10 Pcs
49Medical Tray / Cover SS 12"10 Pcs
50Multiscope1 Pcs
51Multiscope4 Pcs
52Multiscope5 Pcs
53I. V. Stand withWheel Impor15 Pair
54Modular Plate268 Pcs
55IV Stand75
56C.T.Scane Machine with Assesriesas bill
57C.T.Scane Machine with Assesriesas bill
58Plywoodas bill
59Plywoodas bill
60P. U. Foam 36X7232 Pcs
61P. U. Foam 36X7230 Pcs
62Medical Oxygen10 Pcs
63Oxygen Cylinder6 Pcs
64Oxygen Cylinder100 Pcs
65Oxygen Trolley with Jumbo1 Pcs
66Oxygen Constractor2 Pcs
67Syringe Pump4 Pcs
68Truskan S400 Ertns with Standerd Set of Accessories5 Pcs
69Stethoscope Classic -II7 Pcs
70Stethoscope Jupiter10 Pcs
71Streture Trolley2 Pcs
72Uirne Pot20 Pcs
73Stool - Fix50 Pcs
74Stool - Rewalwing24 Pcs
75Side Box S.S.Top75 Pcs
76Tilesas bill
77Senitory Materialas bill
78Wheelchair SC -8093 Pcs
79Wheelchair SC -8092 Pcs
80Weight Scale2 Pcs
81W.P.C.Sheet O.T.Room60 Pcs
82W.P.C.Sheet O.T.Room4 Pcs
83X- Ray Machine with Assesries1 Unit
84Yuwell Electric Suction4 Pcs