Vision & Mission


  • To impart better medical education and clinical training institute as a best platform of Homoeopathic Practice.
  • To promote modern and advanced homeopathic treatment and Research .
  • To provide best Service to the humanity and to impart quality education with basic and advanced learning in Homoeopathy for a better tomorrow.
  • To inculcate moral values in the students to guide them in the service of the suffering humanity.
  • To create confidence and liking in homoeopathic system of treatment specially in poor popularity and villages and remote areas where medical facilities are very lacking .
  • To make not only Indore but through out the entire state a place of pride in the field of Homoeopathic medical science of treatment and education.
  • To facilitate less expensive medical treatment and investigation to the poor socioeconomic and needy persons.
  • To fulfill the commitment of the founders of Shri Gujarati Samaj Indore towards the welfare of society.
  • To provide self employment opportunities to the youth of society .


Founder of Homeopathy Dr Christian Fredrick Samuel Hahnemann says: The high and only Mission of Homeopathic Physician is to restore the sick to health to cure as it is termed.To prove this axiom our mission isĀ  to be a leading center of excellence in teaching learning, research and scholarship in the field of Homoeopathic Medicine for a better tomorrow and To promote Practical Homeopathy backed by therapeutic application and lifestyle approach of Nature . we aim to achieve Quality not the Quantity and affordable Healthcare sector for the society .We are committed to provide Holistic and Practical learning opportunities to our budding homeopaths .To provide a world Class Research platform for the students as well as other Homeopathic Practitioner’s led by the most Experienced and well known names in Homeopathy .our mission is to Educate people about the value and appropriate use of homeopathy for the improvement of their health and. well-being.