SURGERY Department

This department deals with the provision of surgical diagnostic and therapeutic services in homoeopathy. The subject comprised of general and systemic( including orthopaedics) with branches of ophthalmology, applied dentistry and ENT.

The department of surgery is equipped with essential instruments as per CCH norms. We have demonstration lab provided with a mannequin to teach students.

Surgery is taught from second year and as main subject from third year. We have surgical OPD & IPD in our hospital for training of students in clinical examination, case-taking, diagnosis and Homoeopathic treatment of surgical cases.. Minor OT procedures are conducted and are trained for the same. Broad exposure is facilitated through clinical postings for Third BHMS students in various Allopathic hospital postings where they acquire immense knowledge about surgical procedure.

Herein they get to observe major and minor surgeries performed by experienced surgeons, learn about post-operative care and get hands-on experience in minor surgical techniques like suturing, dressing of wounds etc.

Department Overview

  • Student will learn how to Interact with patient and his/her attendants and how to diagnose  a surgical case.
  • Student can conduct necessary clinical examination and can able to advice different investigation to arrive at a general surgical diagnosis.  
  • Student can Identify general surgical condition which have to be referred for surgical intervention.
  • Student can Institute homoeopathic medical treatment whenever possible.
  • Student can prescribe homoeopathic medicine to Organize pre-and-post operative surgical procedures at primary care level if needed.
  • Student can counsel and guide patients and relatives regarding need, implications and problems of surgery in individual patients.
1.Total number of Charts20
2.No. of Equipments for identification50
3.Total Number of Specimens32
4.Departmental Library books90

SURGERY Teaching Staff

1.Prof. Dr. Neelima GiteProfessor & HODD.H.M.S., M.D. (Hom.)
2.Dr. Niranjan B. JoshiAssistant ProfessorB.H.M.S., M.D. (Hom.)
3.Dr. Vikram DaniGuest Associate ProfessorB.D.S.
4.Dr. Amit SolankiGuest Associate ProfessorD.O.M.S., M.B.B.S.